About Me

When I was ten years old, I received an allowance of… I think it was about $7 or $10 a week, which was a pretty good sum for a kid in the nineties. I remember saving it for ages, casually telling my mom one day that I had socked away $50.00 in the ol’ piggy bank.

Her jaw absolutely dropped.

Until I saw that reaction, I thought everyone handled money just like I do. I realized then that I had a very different mindset towards money than most people, and judging by how impressed my mom was fine tuning that mindset started immediately. I asked for a simple kids book on money, and now work as a freelance finance and real estate writer!

Of course, it wasn’t all smooth sailing and great decisions between then and now. I’ve made plenty of mistakes, such as not opening a credit card until my early twenties and getting sucked into the payday loan cycle. Going through the college poor kid struggles I did during that time gave me a real understanding and appreciation of what people who aren’t necessarily totally financially sound really need. What advice resonates with them, and what blog posts they can’t get enough of.

That probably sounds a little like your customer base, doesn’t it?

My wide variety of finance knowledge combined with a real, deep understanding of the mindset your target customer has means that I can create posts that both serve them and provide the business results you’re looking for. Everyone wins!

Especially ten-year-old me. She was a boss.

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