Being both a finance nerd and a writing nerd (yes, I have loads of friends), I’ve got quite a range of content services to offer that will get you real, tangible results.

Blog posts –

Blog posts are the easiest and most effective marketing tactic a company can employ in its strategy. When a website updates at least twice a month with in-depth, SEO targeted long-form blog posts that contain lots of actionable content, these things start to happen

– Greater search engine rankings

– Highly improved bounce rate

– Increased email list subscribers

– Much better user engagement and trust

– Increased visibility through social media shares

Well written posts on an active blog tell search engines that the website is active, relevant, and more likely to be the answer to any given search query than a static site. I can create and maintain that blog for you, so all you’ll have to do is enjoy the loyal audience and improved metrics that the blog brings.

Landing Pages –

A company’s landing page is so important, but is usually given the least amount of attention. This can’t happen if you want your company to do well, as a dynamic and interesting first impression is critical to maintaining readers and converting them to new customers. I’ll write landing page copy that’s informative and professional, but still maintains that snappy conversational feel.

Copy Editing –

Copy Editing is more than just grammar and spell check – though those are also incredibly important. When you commission a copy editor you also get an expert eagle eye checking for tone, content flow, accuracy, and form.

eBooks –

I’ve written and published eBooks independently and on Amazon. These eBooks can be either an amazing product or a great free opt-in when a subscriber signs up to your email list. They can also be just about any length, ranging from 1,000 for a short freebie to 50,000 for a $39.99 book sold online. Rest assured that once you receive the eBook from me you are the sole owner of that copyright and content – it’s 100% yours to give away and sell as you see fit as soon as it’s sent and paid for.

Head on over to my hire me page, or email me at so we can talk in more detail about what I can do for you. It’ll be the best decision you’ve made for your company since making a web site.